The first six squares for Africa

First squares

Although I haven't been blogging much, I've been a busy bee - I signed up to a gym to try it out for this month, so I have been going there pretty much daily. I also have finished my first six squares for the Knit a Squillion action, for which I committed to knit 25 squares this year.


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Knit a squillion squares for Africa: Join the challenge!

Yarns for charity squares

I was reading Minimalist Knitter's (aka Robyn's) site as I often do and came across her newest charity endeavour: participating in Knit a Squillion action by Knit a Square.


Their ambitious plan is to to send 1,2 million squares to South Africa by July 10, 2012.


I mean: wow. 1,2 million squares will make blankets for 36.000 children in need. I thought: I want to participate in this!


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